B&B lux Hunting Lodge

Location: Cilento, Italy
Year: 2021
Category: architecture
Type: residential/commercial
Client: private
Status: in course
Area: 650sqm

The design of this B&B is developed starting from the topological modeling of a double-curved mesh inside the wall envelope of an ancient hunting lodge. The mesh, created with the same continuity, visual richness and complexity that distinguishes living bodies and natural structures in general, works as a catalyst for immersive, interactive and stimulating spaces. This skin, which changes geometry from every different point of view, is transformed from time to time into a seat, in the reception desk, in the bench by the pool, in the main lighting system and in a planter that floods the rooms with sagging vegetation.

Lowered into the neoclassical spaces of the lodge, this spurious object is a foreign element with respect to the existing architecture, establishing a strong tension between the static and heavy wall envelope and the dynamic and diaphanous wooden skin.
From this continuous dialogue, the innovative power of the project springs: it gives new vitality to the building without affecting its original characteristics but rather respecting and enhancing them.

The double-curved mesh is sectioned to 771 planar shapes each placed at a distance of 5cm from the others. In this way the structure becomes achievable by numerically controlled cutting of 18mm thick plywood panels with Tanganyika walnut veneer.