Formicola Production Center

Location: Naples, Italy
Year: 2019
Category: architecture, interiors
Type: productive
Client: private
Status: in progress
Area: 1,200 square meters
Design: Mario Coppola

Working group: arch. Chiara Pisapia (design assistance), ing. Francesco Taglialatela (structures), ing. Ludovico Fariello (mechanical systems), ing. Alfredo Passaro (preliminary economic estimate)

The entrance of the precast building is an artificial cave with ultralight metal structure, ultralight eco-friendly and recyclable aluminum skin.

The external surface “enters” the hall of the center, transforming itself into an architectural “skin” that envelops the whole large longitudinal space crossed by the staircase. From this environment, upon entering, the production is immediately visible, separated from the entrance by a transparent diaphragm; the false ceiling, continuing the movement started on the outside by the shelter, accompanies the space and the look upstairs, where the fully glazed showroom is located.