Link House extension

Location: Benevento, Italy
Year: 2017
Category: architecture
Type: residential
Customer: private
Status: project approved
Area: 300 sqm
Design: Mario Coppola

The project expands an existing house by adding a volume that opens up to the valley.

A bridge between nature and architecture: the project takes shape from the landscape and is defined as an architectural nature, a hill that becomes a home – or vice versa. The new construction is simultaneously an extension of the landscape that becomes architecture and an extension of the architecture that blends with the landscape; therefore the project is defined through the same topological geometry of the ground (without juxtapositions, subtractions or combinations of separate parts but through the fold of a single surface), “inheriting” the continuity and complexity (from cum-plexus, woven together) of the surrounding landscape and thus manifesting a sense of continuity, of belonging, of symbiosis.