Music Leaf Pavilion

Location: Milano
Year: 2021
Category: architettura
Type: culturale
Client: n / a
Status: concept
Area: 500sqm

A shell to be together surrounded by music and nature.
The Music Leaf Pavilion continues the research on the fusion between languages and figures of Western architecture and the self-organization of natural structures and living bodies presented at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021 with the manifesto project of the Posthuman Villa. It shapes a space for the city, for musical experimentation, events and shows, which is characterised as by an enveloping listening experience.
Form, sound, nature. The whole world, if you know how to listen to it, emerges through music. Sound flows through everything and becomes architecture. An architecture in which nature’s self-configurations geometries seek to meet human geometries. An architectural encounter that we do not hesitate to define as post-human.