Location: Naples, Italy
Year: 2022
Category: architecture
Type: residential
Client: private
Status: in course
Area: 150sqm

The project of this Neapolitan apartment includes a large open space with mezzanine and kitchen. The design, based on a few linear elements connected to each other, points to an empathic minimalism, capable of relating to the body.

The square footage has been maximized by exploiting the height, while the volume and non-structural surfaces are minimized, so as to save on materials and not waste heat, without however renouncing a visually rich, immersive, tactile environment, where each element is connected to the others and the light becomes a bond.

The bedrooms are equipped with a mezzanine-wardrobe that wraps the space, making it an intimate and protected place despite the double height, thanks to a curved false ceiling that harmoniously connects the different heights. The balustrade becomes an enveloping element that gently accompanies the ascent together with the diffused lighting.